lördag 13 mars 2010

Downwind dash

The wind was superstrong and the swell was relativly small. We were on our way to Kuau-Mart for some lunch when we met Tracy who suggested we do a downwind dash.

This is our path from Kuau to Kanaha:

We ate our lunch at Hookipa, and took some pictures. The guys were rigging 4.2.

The famous rocks...



More pics

At 1pm we left for Kuau. I rigged my new 3.5 Superfreak and tryed it out. I felt a bit underpowered so I went in and rigged 4.0. As everybody went out the wind started. All eight of us were overpowered all the way to Kanaha:-)
It was a nice ride. And now I have sailed in Sprecks and Camp one:-)

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Rille sa...

Är inte det sånt bara kiteare håller på med för att de inte klarar att hålla höjd??